Representative Clients & Testimonials

Matt & Frank's Representative Clients
Praise for Matt Lapple 

I am the General Counsel for a publicly-traded electronics company.  Matt has assisted us with a variety of IP litigation issues, and we have been very please with his representation.  He is very knowledgeable and does a great job of explaining issues in a way that someone who is not an IP expert can easily understand, which I really appreciate. He is very responsive and respects a client's desires in terms of method of working, budget, etc.  

Matt guided us thru the process after being with another attorney for several years with little success.  He skillfully rewrote our patent app in a straightforward way so that the examiner could properly understand its values.  We now have a patent and are very happy with his performance.
----Al Geller, Inventor

Matt did an amazing job with our trademark.  We appreciated the fact that he answered our questions, no matter how small, and that he really helped us feel comfortable with the process. 
Thank you!

I highly recommend Matt Lapple and have high regards for his professional approach in understanding and handling of my patent idea and the development of all the details for my patent application. He is very knowledgeable and very familiar with the Patent Office operation and requirements. Personally he is easy to talk, keeps in close contact via email, and is dedicated to achieving the customer's end goal in a timely fashion.
---Luis, Inventor of the ConcealaHook Patent

I highly recommend Matt Lapple. He helped me through the patent application process in a concise and efficient manner. I really enjoy working with him and I feel like he is really on my team. If you have an idea you want to patent or need to secure your IP, Matt should be the guy you trust. 

I was introduced to Matt via another businessman and after talking with him over the telephone realized that he was very understanding and helpful. I have dealt with other patent lawyers before and do know what to expect. The key advantage to Matt is his super service and precise literal understanding of each product and or invention.

Matt Lapple is not the first Patent Lawyer that I went to see, but he is the best. He was able to do a more in depth patent search regarding our invention which provided us with much needed information to use in the pursuit of a patent. He was excellent in explaining the legal process and language in a way our team (which included High School Aged Students) could easily understand. He gave us sound advice and direction with which we were able to make good decisions on what direction to take.  At a time when we were ready to give up he came up with a good strategic plan to challenge the first rejection.  This plan was successful in gaining us a patent and we are thrilled!  In short, Matt is intelligent, knowledgeable, very patient and respectful and gets the job done well.  I would recommend him to anyone who has an idea and wants to protect their intellectual property.  

Lapple Ubell IP Law, LLP